Language To Know

The crypto world is evolving quickly. New terminology, idioms, and algorithms emerge as it does. Therefore, we believe it would be appropriate to inform you about it here.


If you were just acquainted with the phrase "Hodl", you should be aware that other terms have evolved as equally essential since then. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, it is derived from a mistake made by a user who tried to type "Hodl" (the act of maintaining and preserving) discussing bitcoin. As a result, the community voted to maintain "Hodl."

Pump & Dump

The Pump & Dump strategy is not unique to the crypto world. However, it is a word we have encountered in the trade industry. It occurs when a small group of investors holds a big portion of the supply of a low-cost token. As a result, they will do all the (media) work and persuade other investors to purchase by claiming that the token's value would rise. Pump & DumpDump artificially establish a market and, as a result, invariably drives the price to climb (pump).

Once the token's price has increased and been inflated, early investors sell the tokens to profit. By selling in bulk, they generate what is known as a dump.

The crypto market is rife with these tokens, many of which were established solely for pump and DumpDump. They merely generate these tokens to earn fast money.

A "bag Holder."

A bag holder is an investor who holds a token whose price is falling and risks losing all of its worth. Unfortunately, these bag holders are not always aware of the decrease in the value of their positions. Some would have sold if he could/knew he could go for a greater price. As a result, they wind up being the final investors in this coin and image individuals with empty suitcases.

To the Moon

It is undeniably the most often used phrase in the crypto field. We say "to the moon" to suggest that the cryptocurrency's value will skyrocket.

FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt)

To put it simply, FUD is an acronym that alludes to its concepts?? Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. People who are pessimistic about a cryptocurrency's future are penalized with Fudders.

Buy the Dip

The term "dip" may be interpreted as "dive," but it refers to a quick reduction in the value of an asset. As a result, dips on a chart constitute a trough (in technical analysis). Many investors see dips as a chance to purchase tokens at the right moment. These are one-time deals.

Paper Hands

It is the inverse representation of the Diamonds Hand. Paper hands (also known as weak hands) panic in the face of market volatility. They can't take the strain any longer, and even the tiniest loss in an asset causes them to sell immediately. But, on the other hand, they do not insist and selling since he sees a nasty article about a price reduction.
Some traders believe that having "paper hands" might pay off in the long run. "Paper hands are green hands," as the adage goes... But, of course, it is dependent on the conditions and the cryptos.

Hand of Diamonds

This remark is most often seen in the form of an emoji with a diamond and a hand. It is evident, for example, on the Reddit forums and Twitter. It corresponds to the English idiom "Diamonds Hand" for individuals who are determined to maintain their possessions until their goals (financial, for example) are met, regardless of what occurs in the market. They are unconcerned about market swings.